Saturday, December 29, 2012

DIY custom ornaments

What you need! You can get all the products at micheals or any craft store

-Clear glass ornaments any where I got mine at micheals
-Craft Glitter
-Non-toxic Floor cleaner
-Ribbon (optional)
-Bows (optional)

1. Open the top of the ornament
2. Pour a little bit of the floor cleaner inside keep ur thumb on the hole and swirl or shake it all through out the ornament
3. flip ornament over into a bowl to make sure excess floor clean drips out
4. Put funnel in the hole on the top of the ornament and gently poor a little glitter the place your thumb back on the hole and gently swirl and shake the ornament until the glitter stick all over the inside.
5. Put ornament upside down to let it dry for a couple minutes then place lid back on the it
6.(optional) place a 1/4 inch ribbon through the hole on the ornament until u can tie it to hang it
7.(optional) I got bows that have twist ties to place on a Christmas tree but I tied them around the lid of the ornament

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